Autumn in the city: how to spend November in Moscow


Browser and book editor How to Green Zhanna Spiridonova every month advises where to go, what to see and what to look for in Moscow. In November, do not miss the non-fiction book fair, go to a big company at the “Night of the Arts” and do not forget to congratulate your loved ones on the appropriate holiday dates. Bright and productive November to you, despite the weather!

For those who love art

We have already mastered the “Museum Night” format, the “Art Nights” turn has come . On the evening of November 3, instead of a nightclub, go to the theater, museum, concert hall or library. In addition to the educational pastime, you can save a lot, because exhibitions, performances, concerts, meetings with writers and a variety of master classes will be absolutely free. Choose an interesting topic and sign up in advance (for some events this is not required).For those who love holidays

Ballet lovers will appreciate the classic production of “Swan Lake” in the Theater. Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko (Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 17), ballet classics can be seen on November 1 and 2. Ballet dancers should not miss the annual Context Festival (several venues in Moscow and St. Petersburg), organized by Diana Vishneva, who teaches the viewer to modern choreography. Until November 6, you can also see the evenings of young choreographers or see the ballet Venezuela by renowned director Ohad Naharin. He has already entered the history of ballet as a man who invented his own style of “gaga” dance. For those who are not seduced by the classics, there is an option and an experimental statement about the past century in the history of Russia at the Meyerhold Center(Novoslobodskaya, 23). The play “Homeland” will be held from 1 to 3 November.

Throughout the month, in the Tretyakov Gallery (Lavrushinsky Pereulok, 12) one can see over 180 canvases of one of the brightest Russian artists of the 19th century. It is about Arkhip Kuindzhi, and his most famous painting – “Moonlight Night on the Dnieper” – is also presented at the exhibition. By the way, the artist used the latest discoveries of physics and chemistry to create canvases – perhaps that is why we still admire the light of the moon in one of his paintings.For those who love holidays

On October 31, the large-scale exhibition “East. Another beauty ” , dedicated to the centenary of the founding of the State Museum of the East (Nikitsky Blvd., 12A). The exhibition will feature over four hundred pieces of art: painting and graphics, costume and jewelry, decorative and applied arts. And the exposition itself is devoted to female beauty – incredibly inspiring!

Until November 8, for the first time in Russia, a collection of more than 50 original lithographs of the 20s with the depiction of costumes and scenery for the Sleeping Beauty ballet by Leon Bakst, lithographs by Serov, Korovin, Stevens with portraits of Anna Pavlova will be presented. Bakst became famous for creating costumes and decorations for the “Russian Seasons” Dyagilev. Interestingly, the exposition is presented in the building of the restaurant (1st lane. Workers, Ow. 2), and the exhibition is free. The organizers believe that the interior of the chosen space will perfectly convey the atmosphere of the last century. If you love fashion and everything connected with it, then you will definitely appreciate the exposure.

For those who love holidays

Looking for a reason to celebrate some event? November 3 is World Men’s Day. And no matter how much we write about feminism and equality, on this day you can briefly forget about the gender struggle.

November 11 is World Shopping Day. You can please yourself with new clothes or, on the contrary, pass by the shops, if you stick to minimalism in the interior and in life. In any case, do not forget about conscious and environmentally friendly consumption and buy only the right.

But on November 25th we can celebrate an even more significant holiday – Mother’s Day, which has been celebrated in Russia since 1998. If you live separately, invite your mother to visit, prepare her favorite dish and just have a heart-to-heart chat – this will be very important and valuable for you.

It is strange to write at the very beginning of November, but the fact remains: Christmas and New Year are near. In this connection, the French Christmas Fair will be held from 23 to 25 November.. On the territory of the Museum of Moscow (Zubovsky Blvd., 2) they will bake pancakes and waffles, cook mulled wine and cocoa. In advance, you can buy gifts for loved ones – Christmas and any other toys, accessories, home textiles, decor items, ceramics and gastronomic delights. There will also be master classes in gastronomy, table setting, travel, the art of living in French and French. The event will include several photo exhibitions: “Stars on the ramp” by Air France, “Moscow through the eyes of a Frenchman” by photographer Yann Brakkoni and “Paris by the eyes of Russian” by photographer Anatoly Miruk. And most importantly – the entrance to the fair is free.

For those who love entertainmentFor those who love entertainment

November 28 will open the international fair of intellectual literature non-fiction , the 20th in a row. Despite the title, at the fair you can buy not only non-fiction literature, but also art books – the choice, without exaggeration, is huge. And you are waiting for the lectures of your favorite writers, workshops and motivating meetings. The event will be held in the Central House of Artists (Krymsky Val, 10) and will last until December 2. It will be useful to warn: to leave without book purchases you hardly succeed.

For those who prefer cinemas to exhibitions, we remind you that from November 15 in cinemas one of the most long-awaited films of the year begins – “Fantastic Beasts: The Green de Wald’s Crime  . This is the second part of the Harry Potter spin-off, filmed by JK Rowling. The main character – the wizard Newt Salamander will play, as in the first part, Eddie Redmain, the main villain – Johnny Depp, and the young headmaster of the school of magic and magic “Hogwarts” Albus Dumbledore – Jude Law. You are waiting for fantastic special effects and an unforgettable atmosphere of the magical world, which is sure to dive in 3D.

TV shows are firmly established in our lives. It seems that we can easily cross out important, but not done things, but we can easily add “one more series” of our favorite series. Keeping an eye on new products? Then, perhaps, your choice is Sam Esmail ‘s psychological comedy “Homecoming” . The main role is played by Julia Roberts, and this is a sign of quality. You can start watching this series from November 2.

And what events from the review you are interested in? Where are you planning to go in the last autumn month? Let’s discuss your cultural plans in our social networks.


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