Jojoba Oil: The Best Natural Eye Makeup Remover


Natural care and natural cosmetics are sometimes fraught with real surprises. Most often, they consist in the fact that familiar problems can be solved in surprisingly simple ways. And the most striking thing is that such solutions are more effective, simple and affordable than the usual counterparts.

People sometimes ask me: what remedy can I recommend for removing eye make-up. Not everyone likes to remove mascara, liner and shadows by the same means by which they clean their face. And I understand this well. Smearing up the eyelashes and eyelids on the cheeks is not always aesthetically pleasing, although there is nothing criminal about this. Most facial cleansers do an excellent job with eye makeup. And yet, as the first step of evening care, the most correct is to remove makeup from the eyes. Let me introduce jojoba oil.

Such amazing jojoba oil

Actually, jojoba oil (simmondsia chinensis) is not really butter, but rather wax. Jojoba is a shrub that grows in arid regions of northern Mexico and in the southwestern United States. Jojoba nuts produce liquid wax, which is called oil. It has a transparent golden color, almost odorless and very well stored.

The most unique in jojoba oil is its biochemical composition, which distinguishes it from other vegetable oils. In its composition, this oil is almost identical to the human sebum, a wax substance produced by the sebaceous glands. That is why jojoba oil is an excellent skin conditioner. This oil is light and non-camedogenic, suitable for any skin type from problem to hypersensitive.

A curious fact: jojoba oil is partly due to whale spermaceti, which was once used as a traditional base for many cosmetics. I met a recipe for cream, which used the famous courtesan Ninon de Lanklo. There, just one of the main ingredients was whale spermaceti. Jojoba oil perfectly replaced it in the 1970s after the whale catch ban.

Eye Makeup Removal Technique

 The Best Natural Eye Makeup Remover The Best Natural Eye Makeup Remover

You will need pure jojoba oil (preferably organic) and cotton pads.

Step 1. Take two cotton pads and moisten them with water (ordinary, thermal, pink) or a soft tonic. If necessary, remove excess moisture.

Step 2. In the middle of the disks add a few drops of pure jojoba oil.

Step 3. Press the discs firmly to your eyes and hold for about 5 seconds so that the oil can soften the makeup.

Step 4. Gently slide the discs to the temples and repeat this movement several times until the makeup is completely removed from the eyes.

Step 5. To make sure that there is no mascara on the lower eyelids, fold the discs in half and, with the bent edge, walk along the growth line of the lower eyelashes in the direction from the temples to the nose bridge.

Cleansing and skin care

 The Best Natural Eye Makeup RemoverDue to its composition, jojoba oil provides another service: it cares for delicate skin of the eyes. Therefore, using this oil as a means of makeup remover, you moisturize and protect the skin around the eyes. By the way, instead of the usual cream, some women successfully use jojoba oil as a caring agent for the area around the eyes.

This works because the oil is very rich in vitamin E, responsible for fighting free radicals – the enemies of young and elastic skin. Antioxidants, fatty acids and sterols contained in the oil, will contribute to the renewal of skin cells. Of course, jojoba oil can also be used in facials.

Eyebrows and eyelashes are also not forgotten.

Jojoba oil is recommended to use in masks for the scalp, as well as for the care of eyebrows and eyelashes. It penetrates the hair cuticle, making it strong, strong and healthy. This means that the eyelashes become longer and thicker. We know about the joke that some parts of the body of a woman can not be too large or too long. For eyelashes, this applies fully.


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