25 qualities that will be useful to every super father


25 qualities that will be useful to every super father

Being a father is great. But to be a good father is already a more difficult task. If you do not want to learn everything from mistakes with the belief that experience is the best mentor, then these 25 tips will be very useful to you.

25 qualities that will be useful to every super father

# 1 Tell them about health. Children should be aware of the role of health and how to maintain it. You can start with proper nutrition and brushing your teeth, let them understand why they do it and why it is so important not to eat a lot of sweets.

# 2 Set boundaries. You may not like too much to restrict your children, but the rules in the house should be. The child must understand that your “no” is an unbreakable law. Be an authority for children.

# 3 Give them time. Children need to feel your fatherly love, they need your attention. It may seem hard after a long day at the office, but make sure you spend enough time with your children. You get so much in return.

# 4 Be with them before bedtime. Yes, it is not always possible, but if possible, do so that the children fall asleep with the thought that you are near, protect their sleep.

# 5 Listen to them. Children need a listener. Even innocent nonsense should not be ignored. Children have a magical way to look at the world. It can teach you something if you just listen.

# 6 Learn all together. Remember that you are not required to answer all questions. If they ask something, and you do not know, then find out and learn together. In addition, as you teach them to independently acquire knowledge.

# 7 Be affectionate. Hug your children, kiss them and say good night, hold their hand while walking down the street. Such manifestations of tenderness help you form a closer relationship with the child.

# 8 Tell them you love them. Tell your children that you love them. Sometimes they just need to hear it.

# 9 Be open and honest. For openness and honesty, children will answer you the same. Obviously, some topics should remain “adults only.” If you want the children to share with you the hidden things – show them how to do it.

# 10 Put yourself in their place. It is often difficult to remember what it means to be a child. Remember to try to look at things with their eyes before making some decisions.

# 11 Be brave. Do not let the children see your fear, this can dispel your image of “Dad-Superman.” Most fears the child is opposed to the idea that he has a dad. Do not let such thoughts disappear.

# 12 Allow them to make decisions. Children love to participate in the decision-making process, let them sometimes command, even if in jest.

# 13 Be patient. After a hard day, extreme children’s activity can be a bit annoying. But be patient – do not bring particles of adult gloom into the bright life of children.

# 14 Never Shout. You do not need to shout at your children. Set clear rules and teach them to behave properly. Screams will be indicators of your failure in this task.

# 15 Make them laugh . Children need laughter in their lives, your sense of humor can find new fans!

# 16 Be a wizard . The thoughts of children are oversaturated with imagination and fantasy, they believe in magic and various miracles. Show your child a couple of tricks or chemical experiments, in his eyes you will be a real Hogwarts graduate.

# 17 Play with them . Be sure to take the time to play with the children. Do not be afraid of diversity, both board games and consoles are good.

# 18 Do not let them down. Do not disappoint your children. They want to know what they can count on. Don’t let them dissuade that “Dad can, dad can do anything.”

# 19 Teach them independence. Start with the skill of tying shoelaces, self-cleaning your teeth. Over time, the child can even cook breakfast for himself and, of course, go to school. Make your child proud of his ability to be independent.

# 20 Do not panic. No one likes paranoids, including children. Learn from child carelessness, but do not let your guard down. Panic is a manifestation of fear, which has already been discussed. Always think one step further and be confident in yourself and your abilities.

# 21 Be a good husband. Children develop a style of behavior with the second half, looking at their mom and dad. Do not quarrel and do not hurt each other with children, show better what tenderness and care is.

# 22 Respect your children. Remember that children are your heritage, your future, for which they can be respected. Without respecting your children, you do not respect yourself.

# 23 Follow your instincts . A lot of parenting tips are already laid in us by nature, just listen.

# 24 Be a parent, not a friend. Remember that you are a father, not a friend. Friends do not have such authority and responsibility as you, the child feels it.

# 25 Enjoy! Children grow up so fast, they will soon fly out of the family nest! Try to appreciate every moment and enjoy life.

And what kind of father are you?

Understanding how to be a good dad takes practice. And, although it’s almost impossible to be the perfect dad, if you follow these tips, you will be very close to the ideal in the eyes of your children


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