The best universal diet for Children, Read


According to gastroenterologists, the diet of the fifth table is the most universal (best) of all diets. It is, with some clarifications, suitable for everyone. Especially children.

Purpose of diet

Table number 5 is recommended for diseases of the liver and pancreas. But it will not be superfluous to use the recommendations for the fifth table for preventive purposes, for feeding healthy children. This is especially true in spring and autumn, when diseases of the gastrointestinal tract may escalate.



Eating should be 5-6 times a day, preferably at the same time. Do not allow long breaks in food.

You can and can not diet

When dieting the fifth table, one should not eat spicy, fried, sour, salty and canned foods .

Bread and flour products . Exclude fresh bread, products from puff pastry. In small quantities allowed homemade cakes, biscuits.

Soups . It is not allowed to cook soups on meat, fish, mushroom broths, with the addition of passaged vegetables. Nor can okroshka and green soup. You can vegetable, cereal soups on vegetable broth, milk soups, fruit, you can borscht. It is not recommended to add spices when cooking.

Meat and poultry . All fatty meats, young meat, as well as duck, goose and offal meat: liver, lung, kidneys, heart, brains are excluded from the diet. Also sausages and canned meat are contraindicated in children. You can meat beef, poultry (chicken, turkey), rabbit – boiled or baked. At the same time, tendons and skin should be removed.

Fish . You can only low-fat fish in boiled or baked form. You can not smoked and salted fish, as well as in the form of canned food.


Dairy products . Milk (if it is of good quality) is not contraindicated in the diet of the fifth table. You can also cook porridge with milk. Fat rural milk is best diluted with water.

Dairy products: the benefits and harm
Dairy products are also allowed. But it is better for children to give not store yogurts, but home-cooked from yeast. It is necessary to limit the use of cream, full-fat milk, salty or fatty cheese.

Eggs . Can be used as a steam omelet, but not more than 1 piece per day. Starting a diet is better only with the yolk, and then gradually add protein. Hard boiled and fried eggs are not allowed.

Groats  can be anything. But the  legumes  should be excluded from the diet.

Vegetables  can be both raw and boiled and stewed. Children are not allowed fried vegetables, pickled, pickled. You should also exclude from the diet spinach, sorrel, radishes, radishes, green onions, garlic, mushrooms.

Healthy diet

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Fruits . From fresh you can only apricot, peach, watermelon, banana. Fresh fruit juices are possible if they are not sour fruits, and also if they are grown in the same area where you live. The most common product in this diet is baked apples. You can use dried fruits, compotes, mousses, jelly.

Sweets . In the literature, the diet of the fifth table allowed marshmallows, marmalade, candy, but not chocolate. However, at present it is difficult to find these sweets in good quality. Therefore, it is better to restrict honey, if honey is not allergic. Be sure to exclude chocolate.

Diet is recommended to follow during the month. After you can slowly expand the diet.

Sample menu

First breakfast:  Cottage cheese with yogurt. Tea with biscuits.

The second breakfast : Baked apple.

Lunch : Soup, porridge with meat or steam patty, compote of dried fruits.

Tea time : Tea with sugar and biscuits.

Dinner:  Porridge or boiled potatoes with steamed fish.


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