Travel with your Kids, Read Useful Tips


If you decide for the first time to go abroad with your child to rest, it is quite justified that you do not know all the subtleties and pitfalls of rest with children. And for useful information, you should not apply to a travel agency that offers you a ticket, and not to your local pediatrician, but to parents who have extensive experience in such trips.

Where to go

If  you are traveling for the first time, then you should not immediately plan large-scale travel in several countries. Children are not very fond of travel, so that your journey is not full of unplanned excesses, it is better to choose one resort for the rest of the holiday.

First, decide which terrain is best for your child . If you want to go to the sea, think about which beach you should choose: with sand or pebbles. Sandy beach is more suitable for small children. In addition, if your child is allergic or suffers from broncho-pulmonary diseases, it is best to have coniferous trees in the place where you will live.


Having drawn these subtleties in your head, choose a resort . Doctors do not advise for the first time to somehow significantly change the climatic zone, so Turkey, Bulgaria, Croatia or Montenegro are best for the first trip. Some parents like to carry children to Spain or Greece.

With an older child, you can go to Europe if you are more interested in seeing the sights than spending time on the beach. In many cities of Europe there is something that can interest a child: zoos, amusement parks, attractions, etc.

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Where to live

Select a resort and specify which hotels are located in the area of ​​interest to you, select a hotel. You can book a hotel or buy a tour at a travel agency. They will answer you the necessary questions. It is important for you that the travel agency answers the following questions:

Does the hotel have a cot? Some hotels offer a stroller and changing table.

Does the hotel have a children’s table? If your baby is breastfed, you need not worry about nutrition. But if the child is already old enough to eat “adult” food, it is important to take care to feed him with food suitable for his age. Even if you are told that the kitchen of the hotel has provided a “children’s table”, specify what is meant. In many hotels, the menu “children’s table” includes only hamburgers and french fries. In this case, specify whether there is a diet table. It is better then to feed the child on the diet table.


Do babysitters, children’s animators work at the hotel and are there mini-clubs for children. In Europe, most hotels have no mini-clubs.

Are there shops or food stalls far away where you can buy groceries (if most of the children’s table products do not fit the child), as well as pharmacies to purchase personal care products. Are there cafes and restaurants near the hotel?

Many traveling parents prefer to live in apartments. Of course, good apartments at a good price are booked in advance, even in winter. But you can find good options for the month. It also makes sense to register at various parental forums and online communities dedicated to holidays with children. There are often announcements of suddenly vacant apartments, which were pre-booked, but for some reason people refused to go.

Choosing a hotel or apartment, it is advisable to read and analyze all the reviews that you find on the Internet. You must be prepared for the unexpected.

How to go

travel with kids

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If there is a question, go on the road by train, plane or car, it is better to choose a plane. By experience, children tolerate flying better than long shaking in a train or in a car. Tickets get better through travel agencies, so it will cost you less. Check to see if there is any special baby food on the plane .

If you intend, in addition to relaxing on the beach, to also go on excursions, you better take care of the stroller in advance if you use public transport. If the hotel can not rent a stroller, it is better to bring along a comfortable cane stroller. Of course, provided that your child is already sitting or walking. It is also appropriate to rent a car. This can be done on site, and it is better to agree on a rental in advance.


So you can choose the car yourself, and not choose from those that remain available. The car can be ordered both in large well-known companies that have offices in different countries, and in small firms that are available in many cities. In large firms, you pay more for rent, but you will have a guarantee of quality of services, but in small ones they cannot guarantee it to you.

baby food of even the same manufacturer may differ in taste in another country
We are going on the road

Collecting suitcases, you need to consider the following points:

Food. If you have a baby and he is an “artificial artist”, he will have to take, besides the bottles and the mixture, another sterilizer and heater for the bottles, as well as water to dilute the mixture. If the child is already receiving complementary foods, then make sure that on vacation he has enough jars with ready-made supplements (in the event that you have not decided to rent an apartment and prepare him yourself). You must be sure that in local stores there is food in jars of the same company that your child is used to. Or another brand, but only if your child is not picky about food.

Otherwise, you need to buy jars at home and carry with you, because even the same manufacturer’s baby food may differ in taste in another country. You will be very hard if the child suddenly does not want to eat local food.

First aid kit and hygiene items . With diapers, the same problem as with baby food. If napkins and powders can still be purchased at local pharmacies, then the diapers that are sold there may not be suitable for you. Therefore, if you are not sure whether there are disposable diapers of the same manufacturer in the city where you are traveling, you should take it with you. For older children, you can buy disposable pots, so as not to plant it “under the bush” in an unfamiliar country.

Pay special attention to the first-aid kit. Take what you usually use at home. It is advisable to have a cream and drops from allergies, ear drops, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, brilliant green, Smektu from stomach problems, Calgel, antipyretic and analgesic, antiviral drug in case of acute respiratory infections, sterile cotton wool, bandage. Also useful cream “rescuer” and sunburn cream .

Clothes and toys . Do not take a lot of clothes. Only that which you use at home. Do not forget to wear warm clothes in case of rain and weather and slippers or sandals for the beach. From toys it is better to take only sand set.



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