Sad Story [Evil Stepmother ] Part 2


Sad Story [ Evil Stepmother ]
Part 2
After Lethabo fainted her Stepmother took hot extra
hot water and pours her with it
Lethabo : ( screaming ) ouch yooh
Stepmother : wake up you fool
Lethabo : ( in pain ) OK I’m sorry mom
Stepmother : don’t call me your mother ( slapping
her )
Lethabo : I’m sorry let me go to my room
Stepmother : you don’t own a room in this house
Lethabo : what do you mean ?
Stepmother : I mean you now going to stay in the
garage ……Lulu wants you room
Lethabo : I love my room
Stepmother : sorry but you don’t have choice
( stepmother goes to Lethabo’s room packs her
clothes and throw the poor blind girl in the
garage )
Lulu : thanks mom for the new room
Stepmother : OK my love
( phone rings and its Lethabo’s father
Stepmother : hello babe
Father : hy love
Stepmother : how’s USA ?
Father : its great and how are the kids
Stepmother : they are good
Father : how’s my Lethabo
Stepmother : ( lying ) she’s fine I’m treating her like
a queen you know !
Father : thanks babe
Stepmother : Lethabo needs R 7000 for school fees
and R 2000 for stationary
Father : I will send, bye babe
• Father and stepmother end their conversation …
Next day Lulu says mom I’m going to school and
Lethabo says the same too
Lethabo : mom um gonna be late to school
Stepmother : which school you are going to..? Did
you pay the fees
Lethabo : but dad sent you money
Stepmother : tsk ! Get the hell out of my face .
Lethabo : why do you hate me ?
Stepmother : because you are blind and stupid .
• Lethabo begins to cry

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