Sad story [ Evil Stepmother ] Part 5


Sad story [ Evil Stepmother ]
Part 5
• Lethabo slept outside, Early in the morning the stepmother receive a phone call from Lethabo’s father
Stepmother : hello
Father : hi good news um at the airport I will arrive in an hour um on my way home
Stepmother : ( surprised ) wow ohk bye lemme cook for you
= Stepmother start preparing then she remember that she made Lethabo sleep out side and she quickly rushes and puts her in the house baths her and change her clothes
Lethabo : don’t pretend like u care
Stepmother : I do my baby
Lethabo : I can’t see you face because of my blindness but I can feel your evil blood
Stepmother : I love you, you are just like my daughter
= Lethabo’s father arrives at home
Lethabo : ( shout with happiness ) daddy…..daddy
Father : my daughter
= Lethabo begin to tell her father everything that her stepmother did to her” while her stepmother preparing the food” the father decide to talk about it when they all done to eat
After they ate
= Lethabo and Lulu went to their bedroom
20 mins later Lethabo decided to go and talk with her father for the last time before she sleep” only to find her dad dead killed by the tea…it was poisoned
The stepmother calls the police
• Lethabo crying very painfully and the police had already arrived
Police : what happened
Stepmother : (pretend like she’s crying) she killed my husband
Lethabo : who ?
Stepmother : you blind fool
Lethabo : did not” can I kill my own father
Stepmother : police arrest her
= Lethabo got arrested and sent to juvenile ” the stepmother made a deal with police and she promised them lot of money”

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