Sad Story [Evil Stepmother ] Part 1


Sad Story [Evil Stepmother ]

Part 1


Please try to prevent your tears


The Once was a Girl Named Lethabo who was Blind…She Left like and Outcast Especially Now that Her Mother had died and her Father Had Married a New Evil wife and The Father Travelled To USA Leaving 12 years old Lethabo with her Stepmother and her stepsister her name is Lulu, she is 14 years old


Lethabo : Mom um hungry

Stepmother : hey stop calling me your mother and since when I make food for you ?

Lethabo : but aunt I can’t see you know

Stepmother : so what ? Get out of my face, you child of an outcast

After 5 mins


Lulu : mommy um hungry

Stepmother : ohk, my love lemme dish up for you my sweetie pie

Lethabo : but aunt I asked first .

Stepmother : so what ? Get out of my face stupid blind child

Lethabo : ( with tears on her eyes ) ohk aunt


• Lethabo goes in her room and begin to cry ( she’s talking alone )

Lethabo : Mom why did you leave me in this cruel world to suffer why mom ???


( Lulu barges inside Lethabo’s room and stars provoking Lethabo just because she can’t see )


Lethabo : stop Lulu God will punish you .

( Lulu begins to cry and her mother comes )

Stepmother : what is going on my baby

Lulu : ( lying ) Lethabo hit me

Stepmother : what…..why did you hit her

Lethabo : mom I did not….


Stepmother begins to beat Lethabo till she passes out ( fainted)

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