5 benefits of exercise on the street


Sports on the street is much more useful than in the hall. The warmer it gets outside the window, the more people organize workouts in the fresh air. Kristina Kaminskaite, an instructor of the outdoor fitness program Sportules , who conducts year-round workouts in the open air of Moscow, explained the advantages of such activities.

Advantage 1. Air and sun
First of all, during exercises, the athlete breathes fresh air and is exposed to the sun, that is, he receives the most important vitamin D for the body. houses. In addition, an additional advantage of outdoor activities can be considered training at any time of year under different weather conditions, thanks to which you can harden your body. Cold in reasonable doses strengthens our immunity, and this has a positive effect on overall health. A person adapts to external weather conditions more easily and is less likely to get sick.

Advantage 2. Save time
With the modern rhythm of life, time is the most important resource. To work out in the gym, you must first get to him, then change clothes, work out, take a shower, get dressed and get home. Moreover, in the gym, sometimes you have to stand in line for simulators. Being engaged on the street near the house, you just need to change clothes, walk to the sports ground, work out, then come back and take a shower. Saving time is obvious. Moreover, the released hours can be spent on the same sports – to make a few additional approaches to the bar or parallel bars, or run a kilometer or two.

Advantage 3. Saving money
During classes in the fresh air, we do not need expensive exercise machines, which are installed in fitness clubs. Therefore, there is no need to pay for a gym membership and then think about how to extend or freeze it. Of course, if you want to build muscle, you cannot do without special equipment. However, in the case when we are talking exclusively about health and the desire to keep the body in shape, classes on the uneven bars or horizontal bar installed in the yard will be quite enough. If you wish, you can take with you dumbbells or, for example, a sports gum. The released funds can be spent on an instructor who will conduct an individual or group lesson on the street. In any case, such a waste of funds, especially in the warm season, when the sun is shining outside, will be more effective.

Advantage 4. Compact inventory
The fourth advantage is the possibility almost always to have on hand the necessary equipment for the lessons. Thanks to its compactness, it is possible to practice in any place where there are conditions for this. Sometimes it’s enough just to wear sneakers. Going out into the yard or on the way to the store, you can linger on the sports ground, where there is a horizontal bar, bench, rubberized coating, and work out with your own weight. If you approach the lessons more seriously, then you need to have in hand a sports bag or a backpack with the necessary equipment for street workout. These can be training loops, expanders, jump ropes, elastic bands and not heavy dumbbells, if they are necessary for performing exercises. Moreover, a sports bag can lie in the trunk of the car to be always at hand.

Advantage 5. Diversity
Compact inventory provides mobility, allowing you to choose any convenient location to practice. This may be the shore of the reservoir, the forest park area, any sports ground. If you wish, you can train every time in a new place and with different people, constantly changing the environment. Such an approach very well affects mood, motivation and efficiency. In addition, the habit of practicing in the fresh air will allow you not to lose your form while on vacation, because not all hotels have fitness facilities, and practicing on the beach or on the mountainside is a great pleasure and benefit to the body.

What to do on the street?

On the street, you can spend almost any workout, although in the warm season there are more opportunities for sports than in winter. For example, in the summer you can practice yoga, stretching, breathing practices or dancing. In the offseason or in winter, due to low intensity and a large number of static exercises in such workouts, it is possible to freeze and supercooled. But, for example, running refers to the universal occupation. Fans of this sport can organize training in any weather, and in winter, go to cross-country skiing.

The same can be said about the Scandinavian walking, which is practiced both in the heat and in sub-zero temperatures. In the open air, the efficiency of functional training increases – a complex of strength and cardio exercises, including squats, attacks, repulsion, jumping, thrust, twisting, which are aimed at maintaining the tone of all muscle groups and overall physical development of the body.

Traditional for fitness halls workout with its own weight on the TRX suspension hinges (total body resistance exercises) can also be arranged on the street. Strength and endurance are well developed by circuit training like crossfit with elements of workout. If desired, you can engage in hand-to-hand combat, boxing and kickboxing, and even women’s fitness boxing without

In addition, in summer you can not forget about team sports – football, volleyball, basketball, as well as skateboards, rollerblades and bicycles.

Traditional street equipment is horizontal bars and parallel bars, because neither modern trainers, nor super heavy weights on the street will be worn. Therefore, in most cases, athletes who are engaged in yards and parks, use their own weight, because of which the risk of injury from overload is significantly reduced.

Exercises outdoors contribute to a healthy body. Yes, and people lose weight in the fresh air faster than in the hall. Thanks to the active influx of oxygen, any workout on the street, including game sports and bike races, contribute to the effective burning of calories. That is why you should not deny yourself the pleasure to leave the fitness room and go out to work out, especially in the warm season.


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