Change from Google: what happens to your pictures now?Read here


When you upload your photos to Google Photos, they can be accessed from Drive. With some settings, you get into Drive space without being clear about why or how. The company wants to eliminate confusion through a service update.

Since the release of Photos, the Mountain View giant’s photo backup service has been integrated with Drive. Google has decided to end the implicit collaboration between the two to make your life easier and make things a little clearer for less technical users.

In principle, Google wants to simplify the experience of using its online services and, to a certain extent, has succeeded. Mountain View’s giant officials insist on the company’s official blog on the fact that significant change comes as a result of user feedback. As a result, starting next month, a change will be made to eliminate confusion and the possibility of erasing something in error.

Starting July this year, photos uploaded to Google Drive will no longer appear automatically on Google Photos . The reverse is also valid and you will no longer see your photos in Photos on Drive without any intervention on your part. However, the most important part of this breakdown lies in the way media files are deleted.

Beginning next month, when you delete videos or images from Drive, they will also disappear from Photos. The same applies to deleted content in Photos. If not obvious, this system was introduced to prevent accidental deletion.

If you want to get photos from Google Drive in Google Photos collections, the mechanism is now a bit more precise. By accessing , you can precisely choose the images to be transferred from one side to the other. However, the massive handicap derived from this update is a matter of space. Unless you take advantage of unlimited free uploads to Google Photos, your pictures and videos that are both in Drive and Photos will take up space twice on Google servers and may cost you extra.


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