What compensation you get when you have the flight canceled or delayed


There are a lot of companies that have problems with taking off the hours off. If your flight plan is over, you have the right to compensation. Any canceled or delayed flight means your time and money, so you have to know how to claim rights.

At one time, airlines used the excuse of technical failures to pay no compensation for an canceled or delayed flight. Meanwhile, that’s no longer true. According to EC261 / 2004, at European level, you are entitled to money whenever official flight dates are not observed.


When you are entitled to compensation for a canceled or delayed flight

The Regulation on flight compensation number 261/2004 provides for three-pillar compensation. They are dependent on the lost time and the distance traveled.

250 euros : if your flight is less than 1,500 kilometers away and it lags more than two hours
400 euros : if the distance is between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometers and the delay time is over three hours
600 euros : for more than four hours missed for over 3,500 kilometers of non-EU destination
There are also situations where you can get compensation for the canceled flight or when you were denied boarding for overbooking reasons. It’s a common practice of airlines to sell more tickets than they have available.


At the same time, you can get compensation if you lost your connection due to a delay on the first flight segment . That even if the delay was only 30-40 minutes, according to airclaim.com .

How you do when you are in such a situation

European law forces these airlines to notify you, after two hours of delay, what rights you have. It’s unlikely you’ll even get this information. At the same time, you should take care to have everything you need, from refreshments to food, if the delay is higher. Exceptions are made of situations where a flight control strike takes place, for example. There’s something like this, and the company is not responsible.

Some, however, refuse to grant damages, even if they were required. In this case, you can sue the company. At the same time, there are specialized lawyers dealing with such cases. Thus, you can use such a service when you should be compensated for delayed or canceled flight . All you have to do, and before, after a trip of this type, is to keep all the records, from flight tickets to the mail that confirms that you bought the tickets.


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