Is it true that sleeping without a pillow is good for your health?


It is believed that sleeping on a flat surface is much more beneficial than on a pillow. However, doctors believe the opposite – and, moreover, argue that it is on the pillow that a person’s health and the quality of his sleep depend. Based on the data of scientific research, we will tell you what the failure of a pillow can turn out to be.

  • Muscle pain
  • Osteochondrosis
  • Headaches
  • Snore
  • Wrinkles and swelling
  • And who is useful?

Muscle pain

The pillow provides the necessary support for the cervical spine, but without it the body is in the wrong position, and the muscles are forced to remain in tension even at night. As a result, they get tired, and blood circulation is disturbed, which leads to pain in the neck and back in the morning.


If you deprive the neck of the necessary support, in a dream the vertebrae and the surrounding tissues will begin to receive less nutrients, the muscles will begin to swell, and the nerve roots will undergo unusual pressure. All this can lead to degenerative processes in the bone tissue and cartilage of the intervertebral joints, and in the future to the development of osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.


Sleep without pillow impairs blood flow through the vertebral arteries, which deliver blood with oxygen to the brain. As a result  , morning headaches, decreased performance, poor memory and fatigue, and also an increased risk of ischemic stroke.


When a person regularly sleeps without a pillow, throwing his head back, his tongue begins to sink and block the air access to the respiratory tract. And this, in turn, can cause snoring – even for those who have never encountered such a problem.

Wrinkles and swelling

Beauticians do not recommend sleeping face-down in a pillow – they argue that such a habit can lead to the formation of early wrinkles. But it’s even more dangerous to sleep with your face in a hard mattress – with it, creases on the skin will be even more pronounced. In addition, due to improper blood circulation and the “upside down” position, the outflow of blood from the head is impaired, and in the morning the person has swelling around the eyes.

And who is useful?

The statement about the benefits of sleeping without a pillow is true only in one case – if we are talking about a small child. The fact is that they simply do not need neck support, and the absence of a pillow helps to build proper posture and strengthen the back muscle


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