PICS : Zodwa now show off her Ben 10


AFTER she has been teasing us with photos of her Ben 10 for a long time, we finally know what he looks like.

Mzansi’s bald reality star, oh, crap … reality star, Zodwa Wabantu, 33, said in an Instagram post that we will only have to watch the second series of her reality show Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored if we want to see and know who her new catnip is.

I read on Channel24 that the local dancer told the publication TshisaLIVE that she was in love with her Ben 10, Vusi Buthelezi.

Zodwa says this new romance is why her skin is so glowing these days. She is now back in the dating game three months after she and her long-term boyfriend Ntobeko Linda broke off their engagement.


On Thursday, Zodwa made another post about her DJ birch. In the caption of the video, she says: “I’m just dating a handsome boy. In our black community he is called a Ben 10. I love being in love. I’m not looking for stress in my life. ”

In the video, the two hang on to each other as they sing with Miguel’s song “Adorn”.

And don’t think it’s a one-sided love.

The young lad commented on the post: “Thank you, babe. I love you.”

He ended the comment with quite a few heart emojis.


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