Which bed is better to choose?


Choosing a bed is an important stage in arranging a sleeping area or room. The reliability of the bed depends on the operational characteristics of its frame, and the comfort of relaxation is associated with the quality of the mattress and the base. To choose the right bed, you should take into account some nuances, which we will analyze further.

Bed frame

The main element of the bed – its frame, must be strong and reliable. It will bear the entire power and weight load, so its quality should not cause the slightest suspicion.

The most durable are metal and wooden frames made of solid wood (preferably oak, beech, ash).


Bed base

The mattress supports placed on the frame are called the base of the bed. The best are the narrow lintels (lamellas) made of wood (preferably birch or beech) or metal, located at a minimum distance from each other.

Grids and gratings tend to stretch and bend, so their service life is much shorter.


Bed sizes

To determine the appropriate width of the berth, you should measure the distance from one elbow to the other in a lying position, with palms placed under the head. If the proposed space is less, comfortable sleep is not guaranteed. In terms of length, the best option is the growth of a person with a margin of about 20 cm.

It should also be remembered that the size of the bed itself and the bed itself may vary slightly. The frame is usually larger than a mattress.


A mattress is an indispensable attribute of a bed, which largely determines the quality of sleep and rest. It is better to purchase it immediately complete with a bed, so that it is fully suitable in all respects. Moreover, placed on the base, the mattress should not be shifted in any direction, securely fixed in its original position.

Of the entire variety of mattresses, for maximum comfort, experts recommend choosing orthopedic.

The presence of the head

Modern beds can be made with or without a headboard.

When considering suitable models, it should be borne in mind that the presence of a backrest contributes to a more complete relaxation and gives the effect of comfort and security. Fans of reading or watching something before going to bed should prefer a relatively high solid headboard, possibly even with soft decor. Carved or forged counterparts will require the use of additional pillows or rollers.

Berth height

When choosing a bed, it is important to evaluate the degree of elevation of the bed. The most comfortable is considered the height from the floor to the knees (~ 50 cm.). Lie down and get up from such a bed will be convenient for a person of any age.

Additional functions

In case of a shortage of free space in the room, it is worth paying attention to beds equipped with additional devices. The most useful of them can be considered drawers for linen and the ability to use the internal space using lifting mechanisms.



Today, everyone is free to choose among many offers from both domestic and foreign manufacturers. Therefore, it is worthwhile to figure out which beds of which manufacturers are better and what exactly? Italian and Spanish models are of high quality, sophisticated and original design, but their average price is quite high

Comparable quality (and price) is offered by German manufacturers. However, German models are usually more practical and have a more concise design.

Classic models of Romanian and Belarusian manufacturers also have good quality, while their prices are relatively lower.


And we also recommend paying attention to Slovak and Polish sleeping furniture, which has a good price-quality ratio.


Having decided on the parameters of your future bed, it remains to choose a model that suits the style of design of the sleeping area or room. For example, a platform bed will be appropriate in a room decorated in a minimalist or oriental style . Wooden beds will be very relevant for classic interiors. The wicker bed frame is perfect for country , Mediterranean and environmental styles. And wrought iron furniture fits perfectly into the bedroom in the style of Provence , vintage or retro .



Which bed is better to choose? The most optimal choice from the point of view of reliability and comfort will be a bed on a metal or wooden frame with a base of beech lamellas. Well, the presence of the head, size and design of the bed is a matter of personal preference.





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