7 foods that are Dangerous to eat on an empty stomach


Proper nutrition is not only the optimal choice of products, but also the time and conditions of eating. So, sweet buns and coffee, with which many start their day, become a real problem for an empty stomach. There are several more foods that you should not eat on an empty stomach.

Yeast baking

Butter rolls in the morning is not the best option. As part of the test, there is yeast that, when ingested, begins to irritate the mucous membrane. So a bun for breakfast can provoke increased flatulence and bloating.


Coffee causes increased release of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and this is fraught with problems. You may start heartburn, irritation of the intestines, and if there are other related problems, then everything can end with a stomach ulcer.


Fermented dairy products, which include kefir, are composed of useful microorganisms that favorably affect the functioning of the intestine. But they lose all meaning, because hydrochloric acid in the stomach destroys them. Kefir can be drunk if there is no digestive problem, otherwise you are provided with fermentation in the intestines.



Few people, of course, pounce on champagne in the morning, if he is not an aristocrat and does not degenerate, if you follow the logic of a gangster named Lelikiz of the movie “Diamond Hand”. And he is absolutely right: nobody needs alcohol on an empty stomach. If you drink on an empty stomach, alcohol instantly enters the bloodstream and this will cause a rapid drop in blood sugar. This is a serious stress for the body.


Fresh orange breakfast has become a classic, but there is nothing useful about it. Orange, like other citrus fruits, is a storehouse of fruit acids; it’s better not to eat oranges on an empty stomach and do not drink juice from them, otherwise heartburn will begin, the same can be said about apples.

Fresh vegetables

All fresh vegetables also have a lot of acids that act too aggressively on an empty stomach. As a result, gastritis and ulcers may develop. The same can be said about onions with garlic, they contain essential oils and can cause gastrospasm.

Canned and smoked meats

A large amount of salt and preservatives in these products irritates the gastric mucosa. Increased production of gastric juice begins, and this is fraught with gastrointestinal diseases. Smoked meats are not at all useful, and they are definitely not worth eating on an empty stomach.


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