How to change your email address from your Apple iCloud account


If you use an Apple account and you no longer have access to the email address behind that account, it would be good to replace it. The process is not very complicated.

If you are an iPhone, iPad or Mac user, your Apple account is very important. That ‘s where all your private data hides, plus the ability to locate your gadgets when you lose or steal them.


If you forget your password and need to change it, Apple offers you more options. These include the possibility of receiving an account via SMS or a code on a device that you are already logged in to. If you no longer have access to the phone for example, the solution is to change your password through the back email account.

If your Apple ID is, it is very important to have access to that email address. If, for various reasons, you are no longer able to regain access to that address, the solution is to replace it in the Apple database as well. All the data related to your account will remain unchanged, but you gain the fact that in the future, if you encounter a particular problem, it will be easier for you to regain access to the account.

If you’ve decided that you want to change your email address for your Apple account, using your favorite browser, go to . Log in with the username and password for your account. Click Edit in the upper right corner of that window. On the left side of the window, you will see your Apple ID. Below it, you must press a button marked Change Apple ID. Click on it and type in the new address you want for that account. Confirm with ok.

Immediately, you will receive an email from Apple with a verification link that you must click to certify that you are the owner of that email address. From that moment, on all your devices, you will be able to connect with the new address.

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