How to delete data on your old iPhone before changing it to iPhone 11


Apple recently launched iPhone 11, and if you plan to give up the old phone in favor of the new model, it would be good to delete all the data on it.

The new model launched by Apple has been very well received, and most of those who started using it recommend it.

The cheapest model costs $ 700, cheaper than the prices that the company has accustomed to us lately. However, the price is not the only reason you want to buy an iPhone 11 . Its specifications are also quite good.

So, if you want to give up the old phone in its favor, you should consider a few steps.

The first logical step would be to back up your data to make sure you don’t delete anything that you won’t be able to retrieve later. Although formatting your phone automatically disables Find My iPhone and delivers you from your iCloud and iTunes accounts , there have been instances when the operating system failed to complete the operation. Thus, it would be best to disable them alone, manually.



How can you format your old iPhone if you want to upgrade to iPhone 11

The mobile phone contains a lot of data, information and personal files that you certainly would not want to get in the possession of others. Whether you want to sell the old iPhone or choose to give it to a relative, resetting it would be the safest solution.

There is a simple option. If your phone turns on and works, you can give it a reset directly from the settings Touch Settings> General> Reset then, tap Delete content and settings.

If you need a computer in this regard, you can follow these steps:

  • Open iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone with the cable. Enter the access code you require;
  • Once it appears in iTunes, select the device, ie the iPhone you want to reset;
  • In the Summary section, click Restore iPhone.
  • He will then ask you if you are sure. To confirm, click on Restore again. Thus, iTunes will delete all data on your device and install the latest  iOS .
  • The device will then restart and you can configure it as if it were a new one. You will be able to easily move to iPhone 11.

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