Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 have a serious vulnerability: why banking applications no longer work


If you are a Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 10 user, expect that in the next few days you will no longer have access to the banking applications you are used to. This is a security measure, for the sake of your finances.

A serious vulnerability was discovered recently in the fingerprint sensor from Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 . In the context where it reduces to zero the biometric security offered by the respective devices, it is no surprise that several banks in the world have decided to cut off your access to their own applications in order not to endanger your finances.

In the most optimistic case, some banks have disabled the possibility of biometric authentication, through the fingerprint, on those gadgets. This is the solution called for by the Nationwide Building Society in the United Kingdom. NatWest has decided to remove its own app from the Google Play store you see on the Galaxy S10. Other banks that cut support for S10 include Bank of China, Hapoalim Bank of Israel, KaKao Bank of Korea and others.


A few details about this vulnerability were known to the ultrasonic fingerprint reader, but it seems that the problem is more serious. There is also an official statement on the subject from the South Korean giant. However, it came online on October 18, and the problem had been reported by a British Galaxy S10 user a week earlier. The vulnerability is present especially for users who have a screen foil or a silicone protection.

It seems that when you want to record your fingerprint on a S10 with foil, the texture of the foil or silicone protection is recorded. As a result, if someone puts your finger on the screen, it is automatically recognized, and the terminal is unlocked, because in fact it does not check your finger, but the foil. In theory, there is a patch that solves the problem, but it was only released for Galaxy S10 5G , in the context where all versions of S10 are affected

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