Samsung has a 108 megapixel camera, but it’s not for cramped selfies


You may have noticed that Samsung is not shaking so much in the phone market. It still launches, but it does so with slightly less remarkable innovations. Well, in the meantime, he has focused on other technologies. And that’s how he created the 108 megapixel sensor for phones. Needless to say many megapixels, right? Yes, it just doesn’t use everyone to immediately fill your phone with photos.

In mid-August, Samsung announced that it is partnering with Xiaomi to use the 108-megapixel sensor. It is, after all, the largest ever created for phones. Also, Xiaomi recently used the 64 MP sensor from Samsung for a new phone. But in 2020 it will be all about this huge, 108 MP.

Samsung still produces phones, but is more interested in the components

The reality is that the phone market is saturated. There are companies in China that deliver a good phone for $ 500. Thus, Samsung products remained in the premium area, especially in the middle area when it comes to the Galaxy A series.


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